NH Travel Info

In and Around New Hampshire

Weather Conditions

For up-to-date weather conditions in New Hampshire go to WMUR.

Road Conditions

Current road conditions and additional travel/commuter information can be found on the website of the
New Hampshire Department of Transportation

Vehicle Specifications

When operating in New Hampshire there are a few restrictions that you need to be aware of:

Height: No vehicle whose total height including load is greater than 13 feet 6 inches, shall be driven on the ways of this state (RSA 266:10)

Length: For a single unit vehicle or a bus, 40 feet including front and rear bumpers. (RSA 266:11) Effective May 28, 2000 a single unit vehicle or a bus shall not exceed 45 feet in length. While there is no specific restriction placed upon the towing of travel trailers or fifth wheel trailers, commercial restrictions shall apply where the length of the trailer exceeds 53 feet. In this instance, the unit is restricted to the interstate highway or defense highway, unless such highway is designated by the commissioner. This shall not preclude movements on highways other than interstate, defense and designated highways for a distance of one mile to terminals, points of pickup and delivery of fuel, food or rest using the most direct, practical route except if the commissioner precludes such travel for specific safety reasons on individual routes. Note: It is understood that recreational vehicles being towed do not meet or exceed this length restriction and therefore should be capable of travel on all highways.

Width Restrictions: Vehicles in excess of 102 inches in width (8 feet 6 inches) are prohibited.

Speed limits: There are no restrictions placed upon vehicles towing trailers, except that all posted speed limits must be adhered to.

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