Dartmouth / Sunapee

A beautiful region known for its country roads, scenic acres of farmland, cold, clear lakes, rich history, and countless opportunity for family activities year-round.

The Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee region, charmingly known as the Upper Valley, welcomes artists, writers, educators, and craftsmen from around the world. Located on the western side of the state, the region is home to Dartmouth College, Saint-Gaudens National Historic Park, The Fells Historic Estate and Gardens, and many other arts, entertainment and cultural experiences. The Upper Valley embodies the quintessential New England vibe with quaint downtown communities bustling with shops, dining, and plenty of sights to explore.

The Upper Valley region offers four-season recreational opportunities via foot, bicycle, kayak, boat, snowshoes, or snowmobile. Boaters and swimmers can find their place on the water, while hikers can enjoy the Appalachian trail and Mount Sunapee with scenic trails suited for beginners, experts, or anywhere in between. Travel along the scenic by-ways, by car or bike, and experience spectacular vistas and landmarks, organic farms and orchards, as well as many historic covered bridges encompassing the area.

Many fairs and festivals take place throughout the region but be sure to check out the Upper Valley’s oldest running fair, the League of NH Craftsmen’s Fair at the Mount Sunapee Resort in August. The artisan show runs for nine days and features over 350 exhibitors displaying their fine crafts. Take your time exploring each booth where you are sure to find one-of-a-kind gifts and even watch demonstrations from the craftsmen themselves. The Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee region is sure to keep your days occupied whenever you choose to visit!

Points of Interest:

  • New London Barn Playhouse (New London)
  • Library Arts Center (Newport)
  • Farnum Hill Ciders at Poverty Lane Orchards (Lebanon)
  • Enfield Shaker Museum (Enfield)
  • The Fells Historic Estate and Gardens (Newbury)
  • Muster Field Farm (North Sutton)
  • Lake Sunapee Scenic Highway (Greenfield)
  • Ice House Museum (New London)

For more info on Dartmouth / Lake Sunapee:

Lake Sunapee Region Chamber of Commerce
603-526-6575 www.lakesunapeeregionchamber.com

Upper Valley Business Alliance
603-448-1203 www.uppervalleybusinessalliance.com

Kearsarge Area Chamber of Commerce

Newport Area Chamber of Commerce
603-863-1510 www.newportnhchamber.org

Greater Claremont Chamber of Commerce
603-543-1296 www.greaterclaremontnh.org

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